We are developing a strong and high quality animal feed additives We are offering a solution for world wide present animals problems HiPro's has a broad and diverse product portfolio. We aim to improve the performence of every animal in production chain.

About Us

HiPro is one of the top innovative and dynamic companies in animal health & nutrition. We develop and market protein-based products that work to promote the health-care and well-being of animals. Widely recognized by the performance of its products, HiPro designs, develops and markets a range of products that contribute to the animal’s health, helping you to get the most from feed and promoting optimal performance and growth.


Our culture is driven by relentless pursuit of the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and professionalism. Excellence, quality, innovation and customer satisfaction is the benchmark by which our success is measured.


We understand the importance of performance and we specialize in a high-end quality feed additives that guarantee the best protection of your investment, leading to a maximum profitability.

Hipro in sentences

HiPro's has a portfolio of strong, diversified products that address the needs of a multitude of species.

Our therapeutic segments include feed additives and supplements

We hold market leading positions in segments like Medicated feed additives.

HiPro's has carved out a niche in products that cater to poultry and dairy segments in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

HiPro unique products are organized in four main categories.

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We have the right feed formulation, that fulfills the need of the animals. HiPro’s range of feed products have various benefits which include increasing efficiency and growth rate, such as premixes, concentrates, anticoccidial, antifugus and medicated feed additives

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HiPro feed supplements naturally enhance growth and strengthen the immune system of your animals. HiPro’s range of supplements products have a diversified health benefits for your animals.

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